7 Things I have learned as an Affiliate Marketer

If you are new as an affiliate marketer or if you are not sure about which steps do you need to follow, I would like to share with you 7 things that I have learned about affiliate marketing.

These aren’t rules that you need to follow, but my personal advice/tips about affiliate marketing.
These tips have provided me results on the affiliate marketing world

1- The most important thing is to give value to your audience
2- The money is in the list – if you use it. But again, value first.
3- You don’t need to be everywhere, just where your audience is.
4- This is a Business. Treat it like a business.
5- Be focus, keep consistent. Don’t go after every “shiny object”.
6- If you are new to affiliate marketing or if your resources are limited you should follow a proven system.
7- You will need to invest either time or money, or both.

What have you learned as an affiliate marketer?

If you are not sure how to get started with affiliate marketing…
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